Columbia College has a dental patient care clinic that is open to the public twice a year. All dental services are provided by students in the “Dental Assistant Professional Program”, under the supervision of our dental staff and dentist. Students provide valuable services for patients including teaching them how to care for their teeth and gums. Students also perform services that the dentist prescribes which may include: dental x-rays, sealants to protect the teeth and desensitizing agents.

Suitable candidates may also be eligible for polishing (not a “cleaning”) and a fluoride treatment. Scaling is NOT a service our students provide. The dentist provides each patient with a brief letter outlining any dental concerns that were noted. The letter and any x-rays exposed are given to participants to take to a dental office for a complete dental examination and to have any required dental treatment completed. The services our students provide can save you hundreds of dollars in dental expenses!

Our students need your help. If you are interested in helping a student in this win-win opportunity and receiving these great services for only $10, call us starting Aug 19, 2020 for September appointments or starting December 10, 2020 for January 2021 appointments.


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