College Prep

Chisamore, Maria; Manager Employment Training; Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Brock University)

Stimpson, Geoff; Assistant Manager; BEd (Acadia University); BA (Hons) (Trent University)


Alaraykia, Raisa – M.Ed. – Educational Policy & General Leadership (University of Western Ontario) | B.Ed. – Primary/Junior Divisions (Queens University) | Bachelor of Commerce – Human Resources (University of Calgary)

Alsherbiny, Roba – BA (Ain Shams University); MEd (Calgary University); CELTA (University of Cambridge)

Hummel, Jana – Master of Arts in English Literature (National University) | Master of Arts in Teaching (National University) | Certificate in Secondary Education (University of Hawaii) | BA in Political Science (University of Hawaii)


Ghomeshi, Shahin – PhD Mechanical Engineering (Concordia University) | M.Sc. – Aerospace Studies (University of Toronto) | M.Sc. – Applied Mathematics (University of Victoria) | BSc. – Mathematics (University of Alberta)


Ehsan, Muhammad Murad – M.Phil. – Pharmacology & Therapeutics (Zia Uddin University) | Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (Sindh Medical College, University of Karachi)

Plosz, Krysten – M.Ed. – Educational Technology and Instructional Design (University of Saskatchewan) | B.Ed. – Secondary Science Education (University of Saskatchewan) | B.Sc. – Biology (University of Saskatchewan)

Zia, Sabahat – B.Ed. – Secondary Biology (Werklund School of Education) | PhD – Eco-Physiology (University of Karachi) | M.Sc. – Plant Physiology (University of Karachi) | BSc. – Botany (University of Karachi)

Alberta Basic Security Training

Copple, Peter; Canadian Police College; BA (University of Calgary, 1987)

Bjelanovic, Zoran; M.A. Counselling Psychology (Yorkville University, 2017), B.A. Business & Economics (Bishop’s University, 2008), Peace Office Training Program (2010), Certified ABST Course Facilitator (2011), PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor (2008), National Coaching Certification Program Instructor (2005), Certified Karate Instructor (2004)

Cooper, Michael; Certified ABST Course Facilitator (2011)

Dental Assistant

Parkson, Dana; Program Chair, RDA (SAIT); Adult Educator Series (Mount Royal University)

Gagnon-Wardill, Micheline; Social Sciences Diploma (Dawson College); Adult Learning Certificate (University of Calgary); RDA (SAIT)

Allan, Karen; RDA (SAIT)

Briske, Joanne; RDA (NAIT)

Coburn, Brooke; RDA (Columbia College)

Crawford, Bonni; RDA (Columbia College)

Cronan, Lisa; RDA (SIAST Wascana)

Kavalo, Debb; RDA (Okanagan College)

Kroll, Maralee; Health Information Management Diploma (Canadian Health Care Association, 2015- present); Adult Educator Series (Mount Royal University); RDA (KDM)

Larsen, Penny; RDA (Columbia College, 2001); Adult Educator Series (Mount Royal University, 2019)

Savino-Bergen, Gina; Adult Educator Series (Mount Royal University); RDA (SAIT)

Summers, Louise; RDA (Columbia College)

Sparks, Charlene; RDA (SAIT)

Employment Training

Chisamore, Maria; Manager Employment Training; Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Brock University)

Awan, Rashid; MBA Business Administration (Oxford Brookes University)

Bottomley, Heather; Bachelor of Education (University of Calgary)

Francis, Barbara; Bachelor of Education, Secondary English (University of Calgary)

Lalonde, Angele; Bachelor of Education (University of Calgary), Human Resources Certificate (Mount Royal University)

Tacardon, Aurora; Ed.D, MA, Bachelor Degree (IQAS Assessed)

English as a Second Language

Mohammadi, Fariba; Manager; MEd – TESL (University of Calgary, 2004); MA – TEFL (Alameh University, 1988)

Aldosary, Majed; BEd Teaching English as a foreign language (King Saud University, Riyadh, 1999)

Luqman, Fatima; BA (University of Calgary); BEd (University of Calgary); ACE TESOL Certificate (Mount Royal University)

Pearson, Joel; BEd. (University of Calgary, 1996)

Schuler, Candace; Permanent Professional Teaching Certification (Alberta Education, 2011) BEd (University of Alberta, 2009); CERTESL Certification (University of Saskatchewan, 2005); Master of Fine Arts – Theatre Design (University of Victoria, 1996); Master of Fine Arts – Painting, Drawing, Sculpture (University of Edmonton, 1994); Bachelor of Fine Arts – Fine Arts and Theatre Design (University of Saskatchewan, 1992); Interior Design Diploma (Mount Royal, 1978)

Sifuentes, Leah; BA (Ambros University, 2004)

Slimm, Robert; BA Leadership and Ministry (Alberta Bible College, 2014); TESL Certificate (Northmount Institute, 2013)

Wiebe, Heather; CERTESL (University of Saskatchewan, 2006), B.Ed. (University of Regina, 1995)

Wilson, Drindra; TESOL Diploma (Prairie Graduate School); BEd – Secondary Education, History major, Fine Arts Minor (University of Calgary, 1976)

Yip, Jocelyne; BSc, BEd (University of Lethbridge, 2001)

Human Services Professional Diploma

Kris McNab, Program Director; Bachelor of Education, Master of Teaching Program, University of Calgary

Abrahamowicz Krystal; MEd Specialization in Educational Leadership (University of Calgary, 2014); BGS MT (University of Calgary, 2001); (University of Calgary, 1999)Adejuwon Adebayo; MPP (University of Calgary, 2014); BCS (University of Calgary, 2012); MBA, PGD, HND, DIPLOMA IN JOURNALISM (SAIT)

Ainslie, Kelly; MC – Psychology (Athabasca University, 2012); Bachelor of Social Work, (University of Regina, 1993)

Burnett, Lynn; MEd (University of Alberta, 1994); BEd (University of Regina, 1984)

Corbert, Patricia; MSW (University of Calgary); RSW (2013)

Doherty, Brittany; BSc – Psychology (University of Calgary, 2009); MSc – Psychology (Capella University, 2013)

Dooley, Lucy; MEd (University of Manitoba)

Dreger, Ashley; BSc – Psychology (University of Lethbridge); MA – Counseling Psychology (Yorkville University)

Getiro, David, MA – Sociology (University of Calgary, 2006)

Johnsson, Carolyn; BEd – Language Major (University of Calgary, 1992); Certificate in Career Development (University of Calgary, 2002); E-Learning Certificate in Adult Education (University of Calgary); MA – Learning and Technology (Royal Roads University)

Klingle, Kirsten; PhD – Psychology (current, 2017); MEd Educational Psychology – Counseling Psychology-Thesis – Route (University of Alberta, 2014); BEd (University of Alberta, 2011)

Kranenburg, Danielle; MSW, RSW (University of Toronto, 2012)

Mercer-Thornhill, Susan; MSW (University of Calgary, 2010); BSW (Memorial University, 1988); RSW

Ogunsami, Lola; RSW (University of Windsor, 2013); BSW (University of Windsor, 2009)

Rietema, Winn; MA – Counseling Psychology (Providence Theological Seminary, Otterburne, MB, 2012); MA, Religion (University of Regina, 2002); Registered Psychotherapist

Salloum, Lora A; MA (University of Western Ontario, 2014) BEd – English (University of Calgary, 2013)

Shabash, Eugene (Evgeny);  MSW (University of Calgary, 2014) RSW

Smith, Crystal; MSW, RSW (University of Calgary, 2012)

Taylor Lucy; PhD (University of France)

Education Assistant Certificate

Kris McNab, Program Director; Bachelor of Education, Master of Teaching Program, University of Calgary

Patrick Simmons, M.Ed. Distance Learning; Athabasca University

Angie Jones, M.Ed. Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies; University of Calgary

Claudia Garcia Sasse, M.Ed. Curriculum and Pedagogy; University of Alberta

Rebecca Aston, M.Ed. Adult, Community and Higher Education; University of Calgary

Sage Pullen McIntosh, MA Professional Communication; Royal Roads University

Rona Reid, M.Ed. Gifted Education, Curriculum Development and Leadership; University of Calgary

Raisa Alaraykia, M.Ed. Educational Leadership, Adult Education, Inclusion; University of Waterloo

Mina Khan-Lee, BA Education, University of Calgary; Master of Arts in Spanish, University of Calgary




Mohammadi, Fariba; Manager; MEd – TESL (University of Calgary, 2004); MA – TEFL (Alameh University, 1988)

Aghammadova, Farida; MA in Education Administration (University of Nebraska, 2007), MA in Teaching English as a Second Language (University of Foreign Languages Azerbaijan)

Ashkar, Paula; BEd (University of New Brunswick, 2015)

Best, Simon; BA – Ancient History (University of Reading, UK, 1993)

Biickert, Tammy; BA – Applied Linguistics, TESL (University of Victoria, 1995)

Bounil, Tracey; BA (University of Manitoba, 1996)

Dabreo, Jeff; BA, BA – English and Political Science (University of Calgary, 2000)

Davidson, Corrie; MA – TESOL (Trinity Westeren University, 2015)

De Carle, Terese; BA English/Psychology (University of Saskatchewan, 1993), TESL Certificate (University of Saskatchewan, 1999)

Gregory, Poirier; Master’s Degree TEFL/TESL (University of Birmingham, England, 2004)

Hussain, Nosheen; BEd (University of Calgary, 2014)

Katsnelson, Diana; MEd TESL (University of Calgary, 2018 (in progress), ACE TESOL Certificate (2012), BA English (University of Calgary, 2007)

Kennedy, Lori: BEd (2015), MEd-TEAL (2018)

Lemon, Sarah; M.Ed. Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development (University of Toronto, 2016), BA Psychology (Simon Fraser University, 2006)

Mahoney, Brian; BA (special) (University of Alberta, 1984)

Rofaeil, Marina; Cambridge CELTA (Global Village, 2017), BSc Kinesiology (Univeristy of Calgary, 2014)

Soleimani, Mehdi; PdD – TESL (Azad University, Science and Research Campus, 2013); MA – TESL (Isdahan University, 2004); BA – English Language and Literature (Azan University, 2000)


Health Care Program Faculty

Burns, Sharron; Program Chair; PhD (Oxford University, 2013); MSc (Oxford University, 2003); BA (Oxford University, 1999) RN, BSc (Oxford University, 1997)

Nadalutti, Nadine; MEAE (Yorkville University, 2017); BScN (Charles Sturt University, 2009); RN (University Hospitals School of Nursing, 1989)

Pelletier, Caron; Practical Nurse Diploma (SIAST Institute, 1996)

Ritu, Sidhu; Practical Nurse Diploma (Sprott Shaw Community College, 2009)

Shrestha, Manju; Diploma in Nursing (Mount Royal University, 2013)

Smith, Francesca; Practical Nurse Diploma (Alberta Vocational College, 1975)


Academic Upgrading faculty

Chisamore, Maria; Manager Employment Training; Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Brock University)

Stimpson, Geoff; Assistant Manager; BEd (Acadia University); BA (Hons) (Trent University)

Andrews, Tonalee; BEd / BA English (University of Calgary)

Davis, Chris; BA Education with Mathematics (Wolverhampton University); Teacher’s Certificate of Qualification [k-12] (British Columbia); Diploma Electrical and Electronic Engineering (United Kingdom); Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Wolverhampton University)

McCaskill, Karen; BEd (University of Calgary)

Obenauer, Sherry; MEd (University of Calgary); BEd (University of Calgary); MA (University of Waterloo); BA (University of Calgary)